Sauna area

Parts of the former animal stable with approx. 50cm thick brick walls have been converted into a large sauna area. In addition to the very large and exceptionally cozy wooden sauna, there is a sauna anteroom with a rest area and changing room, as well as a covered, glassed-in outdoor area with a plunge pool.


Changing room

The changing area is more like a locker room made of a beautiful wooden construction with a door.


Wooden construction, benches, wall hooks, wall wardrobes, tiles, exterior windows, wallpaper, wood paneling, electric wall heating.


2.90m²: 1.75m x 1.66m x 2.27m (L x W x H).

Outdoor area (covered) with plunge pool

The outdoor area is located on the western gable side, is roofed and glazed all around. On each side there is a terrace area. You are in the middle of nature. The heart of this area is the large plunge pool with a diameter of 1.5m. An efficient pump quickly fills the plunge pool with fresh deep well water.


Gable roof, glass, planks, plunge pool with floor drain and overflow at 1m height.

Dimensions covered:

18m²: 6 x 3m

Rest area

The tiled interior sauna area is divided into a separate changing room and a rest area. The rest area has a cozy wooden paneling, 2 exterior windows and offers space for a table, bench and chair. There is access to an adjacent fireplace room via a double wooden door. Both areas can be heated via the centrally located fireplace. The covered outdoor area with adjoining terraces leads off from this interior rest area.


Tile, wall mirror, wood wall paneling, wall hooks, 2 exterior windows, door to covered outdoor area, door to fireplace room, electricity (220 and 24 volts).


9,30m²: 3,20m x 3,82m x 2,27m minus changing room of about 2,90m².

Sauna room

The solidly built sauna has 2 outside windows (towards the center of the courtyard and the plunge pool) and offers enough space for up to 7 people on two levels with about 9 meters of seating and lying area (added together). Inside the sauna you can wash yourself in Finnish style (water boiler at the stove). Alternatively, there is a regular shower in the adjacent bathroom. The sauna quickly reaches 80°C and more. The wood for it is stored in the various sheds located on the property. Above the sauna stove can be set own birch brew. A holder is used, among other things, for hanging birch branches in accordance with the Finnish sauna style.


Finnish stove from the company Kastor with 20 liter water boiler, water connection, swivel pump (can be operated without electricity), tiles, fixed and variable seating and reclining areas, electricity connection (220 and 24 volts).


12,50m²: 3,60m x 2,55m x 1,91m