Outdoor area

Buildings & property

Property size: 5525m²

The farm was connected to the electric power supply in 2021.

The nearest neighbors are about 300m, 500 and 1000m away.

Access roads

The property has two access roads. One leads to the main house, the other one to the barn.

Deep well

A 78m deep well supplies the entire farm with fossil water.

Fountain house

Between the main house, barn and guest house is a classic 6m deep well. Before electrification, food was cooled here, among other things.


Between the ice cellar and the generator house there is an old smoker. It can be reactivated.

Washing machine outside

Next to the outdoor area of the sauna there is a wooden platform with an old Swedish washing machine operated by fire. Due to electrification in 2021, modern washing machines are now possible.


The property is surrounded by a well-kept lawn, which can be mowed with a lawn mower or tractor. A John Deere 855 with mower and turbine grass collector and possibly a front loader are available.

Adjacent to the northern property is a large open meadow area (formerly a field) that, like the surrounding land, belongs to a timber management company. So far, the meadow has always been mowed by the farm owners. According to our information, the meadow is available for purchase from the forest company. The price should not be much.


Blueberries, lingonberries, wild raspberries and mushrooms (especially chanterelles and porcini) can be found in abundance in the surrounding nature, in the appropriate season. Currants (partly old growth), chokeberries, blueberries, apple trees and a chestnut tree are planted. Mountain lily, croll lily, Turkish bunch (Liliun Martagon Linn) are also old growth. There are dense fir, lilac and rhododendron hedges on the sides of the road with little traffic.


Moose are frequently seen guests. Also a lux and cranes have been seen. The lake Vasselsjön (300m distance) invites you to fish (especially pike, noble fish). At the lake is an old, inhabited beaver castle.

Between lake Vasselsjön and lake Lundsfjärden, which is about 2km away, flows a small connecting stream. The lakes originally had no outlet. Thus, after the last ice age 10,000 years ago, a fish species could not escape with the draining water masses. A separate population formed. Stockholm University regularly studies the population. This area is a designated nature reserve. Brunnshyttebäcken is protected because of its landlocked salmon/trout population.